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22 Apr


Have you ever thought about certifying your level of Spanish? To do so, you can choose between two types of official exams: DELE or SIELE. Both are internationally recognized. But now the question is which one to choose. In this post we explain the biggest differences between those two exams.

  1. Expiration

The DELE certificates have no expiration date and those of SIELE are valid for 5 years.

  1. Flexibility

SIELE offers the possibility of completing a full exam consisting of four segments or a partial exam that certifies particular sets of language competencies. It also allows you to choose the date of the exam. The DELE exam consists of four sections and is done within set exam periods.

  1. Information about results

When taking the DELE exam the candidates must choose which level they would like to be tested for ahead of time and can only approve or suspend. The SIELE is based on a scale of 0 to 1000 points, so it is not about approving or suspending. The exam qualifies the level you have based on the score obtained.

  1. Result notifications

The results of the DELE exam are received in approximately 3 months and those of the SIELE in a maximum of 3 weeks.

The Spanish courses that prepare for the exams will familiarise you with the exam format and provide you with the necessary skills to achieve optimal results. At our Spanish school in Málaga we prepare you for both exams.