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Spanish immersion programs in Malaga - Debla, spanish school in Malaga

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At Debla we have personalized language immersion programs for each student. Both adults and young people can enjoy the experience of immersing themselves in the Spanish language, practically completely disregarding their native language, allowing the student to soak up the most everyday uses of Spanish and learn in a faster, more intuitive and especially deeper

Enjoy your Spanish immersion program in Spain

Malaga is undoubtedly one of the best cities to carry out a language immersion program. The open character of the people of southern Spain makes interaction between students and local citizens much easier, and above all, allows a quick integration into any conversation environment.


Family Spanish immersion programs

Living with a Spanish family is a perfect opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the Spanish culture. Students who choose this type of accommodation enjoy the delicious Spanish cuisine and can learn about the Spanish lifestyle. All families have been carefully selected by Debla´s staff. This type of accommodation is offered with half or full board.


Summer camp programs in Malaga

The summer camp in Malaga is undoubtedly a great option for young people who want to enjoy water sports, the beach and the heat of the Andalusian summer


Spanish immersion programs for adults

Our program is highly celebrated among elder students. It includes from the most social activities like tapas tour, to others of a more cultural nature.


Spanish immersion programs for college students in Spain

One of the specialities of our school is offering programs for school groups of all nationalities: Italian, Danish, German, Polish … Our extensive experience allows us to organize complete programs speaking Spanish from the first day and full of activities.


Are teen programs in Spain safe?

Spain is one of the safest countries in the world. In addition, at Debla we have received students, youth, minors and adolescents for 41 years. We are one of the oldest schools in Malaga and we are accredited by the Cervantes Institute, we are a member of NACEM (Association of Spanish Schools for Foreigners of Malaga), EEA (Association of Spanish Schools in Andalusia), FEDELE (Federation of Spanish Schools in Spain) and Malaga Chamber of Commerce.

Debla has the “Sicted” quality certificate. It is a project to improve the quality of tourist destinations promoted by the Institute of Tourism of Spain (TURESPAÑA), Costa del Sol, CSN and Bildungsurlaub.