45 лет преподаю испанский язык

с тем же энтузиазмом, что и в первый день

spanish school malaga

в Испании

Курсы испанского языка. Учить испанский

Добро пожаловать в Деблу , одну из старейших и самых престижных школ испанского языка в Малаге . Если вы хотите изучать испанский язык в комфортной обстановке, с индивидуальным подходом и всего в 5 минутах ходьбы от исторического центра и пляжа Малаги , мы ждем с вами встречи! Выберите формат обучения:

Интенсивный курс (20 часов)

является одним из самых популярных. Каждый день 4 часа испанского для идеального погружения в языковую среду и атмосферу Малаги!

Групповой курс

Этот курс предназначен для нескольких различных групп, участники которых изучают испанский язык в Малаге, разделяя одинаковые интересы, цели и уровень языка.

Курс + Проживание

Забронируйте курс испанского языка для взрослых с проживанием в Малаге. Все наши варианты размещения находятся рядом со школой и историческим центром

Полное погружение в культуру Испании

Учите испанский вместе с нами. Экскурсии по Малаге и Андалусии, кулинарные мастер-классы и традиционная испанская кухня в уникальной программе погружения в испанский язык.


5 минут пешком от пляжа

accommodation near center

10 минут пешком от центра города

spanish school malaga

Отзывы наших

Denisa KracíkováDenisa Kracíková
21:27 05 Oct 22
I had an amazing time in Debla. I`ve learned a lot, because the teachers were incredible. The teaching program, inc. all the materials seems to me very good as well. I did not even expect that I could have such a good experience — in the school is very friendly atmosphere and everybody was very nice to me — whenever I asked for some help (even if it was not part of the teaching program) everyone tried to help me. I really think you can not choose the better school than this one. Very grateful for this opportunity.
Amy CraftonAmy Crafton
16:24 25 Jul 22
Traveling alone to Spain from the US, our 16yr old twins had a wonderful time at Debla Language School in Malaga. They learned much in their limited time, felt safe in the community and enjoyed the teaching staff and methods tremendously. We received ample information in advance, safe travel to and from the airport and great communication from the school while the kids were in the program. Unfortunately for us, both kids contracted Covid while abroad but even then, the school was responsive to our questions and concerns and made adjustments to support the kids. We would highly recommend and our kids would love to return for another session.
Keith HursthouseKeith Hursthouse
20:03 23 May 22
I’ve just spent a hugely enjoyable week at Debla, having signed up for the over-50s course. For anyone seeking high-quality tuition in a fun, pressure-free atmosphere, it’s a great place to study.On this occasion, the older students were allocated to classes related to their language level (so they joined younger students for lessons), but came together for cultural activities.I have done several classes at other schools in the past, including two in Málaga, and this was easily the most enjoyable and useful experience I have had.Lessons at those other schools were slightly intimidating, which knocked my confidence a little. But there was no such problem at Debla. I found the tutors to be not only talented and professional, but huge fun too. It was education with a smile, and there was always a really positive, happy and friendly atmosphere, which helped me to seize the opportunity to learn.There was a great mix of language and culture, and I and my group of student friends took part in everything that was on offer. We also spoke Spanish all the time, in and out of class. At the end of the week, two or three people said to me how they felt their Spanish had improved by throwing themselves into the experience in this way.I was delighted to come away from the week with my knowledge of the subjunctive in particular much enhanced, and with great memories of excellent tutors and lovely students.Debla is a special place and I will definitely be back in the future. I can’t recommend it highly enough.
Gordon LamrockGordon Lamrock
20:57 20 Jul 20
I only had one week of super intensive Spanish with Deba, but they really accelerated my Spanish capabilities. I absolutely loved having Antonio Jose «Tony» for my teacher (his teaching skills were equaled by his massive level of energy & humour), and meeting Amaya (who’s super friendly & quirky), and Olga (who’s really helpful with all my questions & requests). The school is housed in a large beautiful sunlit building with so much space inside as well as outside: the terraces and yard are all overlooking the gorgeous city. It’s close to so much: beaches, restaurants, and walking distance to the city centre. There were not so many students (since we were among the first to join in person), but the level of attentiveness to health and sanitation is extremely high — I felt very safe there. I was hesitant choosing a school in Malaga, but I’m so happy to have gone with Debla — you feel so happy in that place, while learning lots (and yes, I know I should have written this in Spanish, but this is for all you other non-Spanish people) 🙂 I’ll go back again for sure!

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