Why learn Spanish with Debla?

Do you want to learn Spanish in a Spanish school in Malaga that looks after the individual needs of each student in a welcoming and highly supportive environment, great location while also offering the highest teaching standards? If so, Debla is the school for you!

1. Perfect location

Our Spanish school in Malaga is located only 10 minutes walking distance from the historic centre and a 5 minutes´ walk from the beach.

2. Personal treatment

If there is one thing that characterises Debla, it is our passion for teaching Spanish and our focus on providing a highly supportive environment for our students in all areas of learning and personal development. At Debla there is always someone there to assist you no matter what your concerns of problems might be. Every year we welcome about 1,400 students, and we at Debla aim to identify the individual needs of each student so as to maximize their potential.

3.Highest teaching standards

We are accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, guaranteeing the highest teaching standards.

4. Teaching Spanish since 1979

Debla was founded in 1979 and has since then been an established and popular language school in Malaga, teaching Spanish to students of all ages and nationalities, with an excellent track record for student learning and satisfaction. In a rapidly changing world, our dedication to each one of our students remains unchanged.

5. Debla - more than just a course, a complete language lerning experience!

Debla offers students not only a Spanish language course but leisure and cultural activities, free of charge, that encourage students to immerse themselves in both the language and culture that Andalusia has to offer. These activities include guided visits to Malaga city centre as well as a small meeting with the other students on the first day to get to know each other.

6. Our own teaching material

We have developed and produced our very own teaching material. This material is continuously reviewed and updated by our experienced and qualified teachers and is included in the course cost.

7. Class size

We maintain small class sizes. The average number of students per lesson is 5-6 with 8 being the maximum permitted.

8. Picturesque typical andalusian building

The school building itself is a beautiful, typical whitewashed Andalusian building surrounded by terraces and gardens with fantastic views over the Mediterranean Sea.

9. Personalised activity programme

We organise activities and excursions that perfectly combine both education with leisure so that students can learn Spanish in Malaga while also enjoying the company of their fellow classmates.

10. Great city

Malaga is a Mediterranean city that blends relaxation and excitement thanks to the easy-going, hospitable nature of its inhabitants and the vast variety of cultural and leisure options to be found here. We provide an excellent opportunity for students of all ages and nationalities to learn Spanish in Malaga, as well as experience the sunny and cultural city that is Malaga and its surroundings.