5 curiosities about the Christmas in Spain

  1. Nativity scenes

Spanish people have a strong tradition of preparing nativity scenes. They can be really huge with many different houses, farms and rivers. Apart of the main characters like baby Jesus and Virgin Mary there are many figures of different people living in the village of Bethlehem. There are some funny figures like The Pooing man which is always hidden behind the bush or a tree.

  1. Typical Christmas food

In Spain during the Xmas time you can try some of the sweets that you won´t be able to try in a different time of the year. One of the things that is in every Spanish house is turrón – a delicious candy bar mainly made with almonds and honey. Polvorones and mantecados are cookies made of almonds, flour, sugar and milk. Pestiños, typical sweets of Andalusia are flavoured with aniseed or sesame and fried in olive oil.  You eat them with honey or sugar on top.

  1. National Lottery

Spain’s Christmas lottery has been held without interruption since 1812. Almost everyone plays it making it the biggest lottery draw in the world. It is so big that that its nickname is ´´El Gordo´´ that means the ´´Fat one´´.  The results are sung out by children from San Ildefonso school on 22nd of December.

  1. Who brings the gifts?

While every year it is becoming more popular to make some small gifts on 24th of December originally in Spain the Three Kings are the ones who bring presents on 6th of January. The night before there is a parade in every city when the 3 kings pass in their carriages throwing sweets out for the children.

  1. Songs with instruments

It is typical during a Christmas Eve to sing Christmas carols and play music using the instruments like tambourines and zambombas.

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