5 tips for learning Spanish online

2020 can certainly be called the year of online teaching. Now you can also take your Spanish courses online at Debla! But of course, it is not the same to participate in a face-to-face course than in an online course. In this post we give you 5 tips to make the most of your online Spanish classes.

  1. Meet technical requirements

Although you don’t need much to take an online course, make sure before starting your classes that you have a computer, tablet or mobile device connected to the Internet. The most comfortable for studying will be a desktop or laptop computer due to the size of the screen. Also make sure that you have the speakers and the microphone working correctly. You don’t want to waste your course time when you discover that you have a technical problem.

  1. Create a space to study

Find a quiet and comfortable place to avoid distractions. Choose a comfortable chair and use a desk to take your course. Good lighting is very important.

  1. Connect a little earlier

Don’t arrive in time to start your course. Test your camera and microphone first. Connect to see how your image comes out on the computer, it has been shown that first what we look at is our own image and the background and until we get used to it we do not pay attention to other things. You don’t want to lose time on this!

  1. Treat your online course like a face-to-face course

All Debla online Spanish courses are conducted by videoconference with one of our teachers. Pay attention at all times because even if you are not physically in the class the content of your course is the same!

  1. Actively participate

Make the most of your course and try not to be distracted, don’t go out for a coffee or look at your mobile. Ask the teacher any questions you have, you can also use the chat or save the screen with the course content. Interact with the rest of the students, save all the resources and make notes.

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