How to get around málaga?

There are multiple ways of getting around Málaga and in this post we present some of them.

✅ 1. Walking

Malaga is not a big city so if you live in the centre you can reach all the most important places on foot. Because all the monuments of interest are located relatively close they can be visited in a pleasant walk.

✅ 2. Public transport

In the city there is a large network of urban buses that will take you to all corners of Malaga. While ticket can be purchased directly from the driver and costs € 1.30 you can also use the EMT card that can be topped up with 30 trips as maximum and a trip costs € 0.83. Here you can check bus lines and schedules.

At the moment there are two metro lines running with 17 stops in the city. The trains run with a frequency of approximately 10 minutes. Here you can check lines, schedules and prices.

✅ 3. Bike

Getting around Málaga on a bicycle is an ecological and also a simple alternative. There are several companies that offer bike rentals in the city. The City Council of Malaga offers a bicycle rental service and bicycles can be picked up and dropped off at various sites in Malaga. The first 30 minutes are free. In order to use this service you have to register on the malagabici website and obtain the travel card. Moreover,the first year of registration is free.

✅ 4. Electric scooter

This is another way of getting around the city and it becomes increasingly popular. There are 5 companies that rent scooters in Malaga, making the capital of the Costa del Sol one of the Spanish cities with the biggest offer. In order to use this service you have to download the company´s application (such as VOI, Lime and Tier or UFO) where you can find the nearest available scooters.

✅ 5. Moto

There are several motorcycle rental companies in Malaga and you can rent them for days if you want to use them more time or by paying per minutes in case you only need a short trip. To rent a motorbike by minutes you have to download an app from one of the companies and there you can see the nearest available motorbikes.

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